Alejandra Márquez García was born in Guadalajara on June 16th, 1983. The founder of the brand Alejandra Raw Project, and their designer.

She grew up in Mexico, her first career was Comprehensive Design in the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO) to later focus on Fashion Design in Centro Internacional de Innovación en Diseño (CIIND).

Although she was always clear about her passion for fashion, she realized the importance of our surroundings and roots. That is the main core for her current project, Raw, to emanate a message of respect and conservation, to get inspire by nature, and to care for our impact and community.

In 2009 she won second place at Elle Mexico Designs Contest and in 2010 she opens her first atelier where cocktail dresses were made.

Later, she coordinated the Fashion Career at CIIND and imparted two classes for a few years. That is when the flame started, she wanted to create a concept for the earth through fashion, for the future, permeating her essence.

With atemporal collections and unique garments to celebrate life and gain awareness of the impact of our actions, where quality triumphs over quantity.

We are a sustainable fashion design project, inspired by our surroundings and our roots. Always in search of new materials to create transformative fashion, which emanates a message of respect and conservation.

We are a collaborative cycle conformed by people who perform handmade work, moved by the love for design and creativity. True believers in a fuller comprehension of our origins, culture and surroundings, being the way to transcendence.

We utilize and design textiles that are a cultural expression, using techniques from our origins, such as the pedal loom, hand-knitting and antique textiles. We also use pieces from up-cycled materials to avoid waste.


Our collection is atemporal and does not respond to fleeting tendencies. We create unique pieces to celebrate life, our origins, cultural heritage, love, destiny, and freedom- because we believe each moment should be celebrated!

At Raw we look to create a more aware and just fashion culture, sustainability and contribution to

our planet are the main concepts that guide our project, and they take life through our actions.

It is time to change and inspire the market to consume more responsible fashion; time to question and value the source of what is used and promoted.

The Raw Project is a search for the understanding and creation of what we call “clothing of the future”, because we believe in a more conscious tomorrow, where quality triumphs over quantity, and where we all gain awareness of the impact of our actions in the world.

Due to our artisanal production process and our brand values, we do not compete in the "fast fashion" world; that based on repetition and large inventory.

Our business model has an inherent slowness, which depends on people's labour, natural raw materials and the process of transforming these into unique pieces. Therefore the production of each piece requires a cycle of efforts and additional values given by the different people that intervene it.

Raw celebrates life and the hands that work it.